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By Reggie Lloyd-Jones

UnRetinafy – App to create non-retina versions of images.

On 10, Dec 2015 | No Comments | In Blog | By Reggie Lloyd-Jones

UnRetinafy is an Automator App I created to streamline the workflow of creating non-retina versions of graphics for websites.
If you aren’t familiar with retina ready design, the basic idea is that you would create all of your graphic elements at double the size and then scale them down to double the amount of pixels available in the same amount of screen space. Here’s an article that breaks it down well:

But more likely if your visiting this page you’re looking for a quick way to resize your @2x images for faster loading using something like retina.js.
Here’s how to use the app:
1. Uncompress the zip.
2. Drag the app to your applications folder.
3. You may need to right click the app and click open to get OSX to allow you to open the file you downloaded from the internet.
4. Drag the app to your into your dock.
5. Now you can drag your extra large images into the app and it will shrink them by 50% (creating a faster loading version for non retina displays.) It will also remove @2x from the end of the file names if(if you named them like that.)

Download UnRetinafy

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